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Granite Empire of Sarasota, a leading provider of granite, marble, and quartz surfaces, is thrilled to unveil the top 5 granite colors for 2023, perfect for those searching for “granite countertops near me Sarasota.” As trends evolve and homeowners seek to rejuvenate their living spaces, these colors are rapidly becoming the most sought-after options for countertops.

First on the list is the elegant and timeless Bianco Antico, featuring a white base with shades of gray and taupe, and a hint of burgundy. This versatile color effortlessly complements various design styles, making it a popular choice for “granite countertops near me Sarasota.”

Next up is the striking and exotic Blue Pearl, with its deep blue hue and shimmering silver flecks, offering a touch of luxury and sophistication to any kitchen or bathroom.

The third favorite color is the classic and sophisticated Black Galaxy, boasting a black background with gold and copper specks. This color lends a bold and modern statement to any space.

In fourth place is the ever-popular New Venetian Gold, a warm and inviting golden granite with gray and cream veins, ideal for both traditional and contemporary designs.

Finally, the fifth top granite color for 2023 is the captivating White Ice, featuring a clean white base with subtle gray and black veins, perfect for brightening up any room.

Trust Granite Empire of Sarasota to provide you with the latest trends in granite countertops, ensuring your home remains stylish and functional for years to come.

Granite Trends for Sarasota Homes: The Must-Have Colors in 2023